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For the best possible results, check out this course and choose the option to work 121 with me

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Do you want to go 'All In'

  • ​Get all of the CORE PROGRAMS (More distance now, Stop your slice, stop your shank, consistency now, judge distance like a pro & lower your score now PLUS...
  • ​The in depth secrets of the golfers who make huge, lasting progress (anyone can model these)
  • ​​Pitching, chipping and all types of bunker shots
  • ​​Shots from the rough with different clubs
  • ​In depth putting secrets
  • 10 different bad shot (faults & fixes) including topping, duffing, short putts and many more
  • ​Sloping lies
  • ​Strategy & club selection secrets
  • ​Which tips (that everyone gets) to avoid at all costs
  • ​Golf psychology made easy (use immediately)
  • Advanced methods of judging distance
  • ​Plus 6 surprise bonuses

If you'd like to discuss more intensive 121 coaching with me

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